Tuesday, July 29, 2014

they did it!

If you remember last week's recap of the Governor's Cup Series so far, you'll know that the Rascal was leading the pack in series points going into the Edisto Tournament. Our boys caught 3 sailfish & 1 blue marlin for the tournament, landing them in 2nd place behind the boat Trick 'Em (48). They were neck and neck going into day 3 of the tournament, but the winning boat edged ahead with their 2 blue marlin over the Rascal's 2 sailfish in the end. Either way, they all deserve a big congrats!
Saturday evening at Edisto Marina aboard the Rascal
Awards Ceremony [I apologize for the photo quality - I only had my iPhone!]

In another interesting turn of events, the Rascal almost won the Outstanding Wahoo award. How does one almost win such an award, you ask? Step 1: hook up on a really nice wahoo. Step 2: try to reel him in towards the boat without snapping the line. Step 3: Succeed in doing so. Step 4: Enter: Mr. Shark. Oh yes - a hefty beast of a shark decided this dangling wahoo just looked too good to pass up, and it was his lunchtime. Step 5: Reel in the remaining 1/4 of your wahoo.
Jeff Dennis at Lowcountry Outdoors snapped this photo of Rascal angler Wes with what remained of that shark's lunch. The winning wahoo weighed in at 22.2 lbs, and this portion of the Rascal's wahoo weighed in at 22.8 lbs. Yowzers.

Curious what the overall catch summary was for the 2014 tournament series? Check it out.
BUT WAIT. We're certainly not going to stop there. Here it is. The moment we've been waiting for. THE RASCAL OFFICIALLY WON THE 2014 SOUTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR'S CUP BILLFISH SERIES, out-scoring the 2nd place boat by 825 points. Say whaaaat!
So, as the tournaments come to an end, we congratulate the Rascal crew on a fantastic series and an even better win! Way to go, fellas! Who wants [another] celebratory beer? Yes, please!

Until next year, happy fishing!

Monday, July 28, 2014

deals, steals, & what I'm after at the moment

Happy Monday, friends! So, this post may come as a little bit of a shock - a random "shopping" post, if you will. But, I just couldn't resist passing along some of the great hunting, fishing, and general outdoor apparel/gear sales going on around the interweb. Got a travel bug? Got you covered. Need an update to your well-word duck hunting gear? Look no further. Heading out for a fun fall skeet shoot? It can be 85* or 55* on a fall day around here - Layer up! Girls - there is some great stuff out there for hunters AND non-hunters alike! So, just what am I looking for this year?

When I go to Argentina, I am the only female around for the majority of the day. While I am not a pink camo-wearing hunter (Just stop. I can't even...), I don't enjoy looking like I stole hunting clothes from my dad's closet and tried to make them work. I also think there is something to be said for the "smartness" of more structured hunting attire vs. an old camo t-shirt and running shorts. [Disclaimer - I do wear exactly that 90% of the time, admittedly.] The outfit above at least keeps me more presentable, while serving its needed purpose as appropriately light-weight for dove hunting. As for the shoes - packing for a week of hunting in a carry-on is easier than you think, but you still don't want to lug around heavy hunting boots. These are a great go-to when you need a "hybrid" tennis shoe/boot.

I know this is a man's shirt, but those can often look better than the ones offered for women. I tend to run into the sizing issue with the length of my arms and torso - I'm a tall one. By the time I get a woman's shirt with enough length, I am typically swallowed by the rest of it. A man's small or extra small is quite often the way to go. Pair a light-weight linen shirt and vest with some jeans and boots, and you'll be off to a skeet shoot or oyster roast looking good without even trying.

I have a thing for duck hunting gear. I don't know why I do, John likes to tell people that if I don't have it, you probably don't need it. I think I definitely get it from my dad [hey, Dad]. Again, it's nice to have hunting gear that doesn't look like I stole it from my dad or John. When the winter months set in and this warm-weathered state gets temperatures in the teens, being too cold in the duck blind is the last thing you want. You also never know when a 25* sunrise will turn into a 50* morning. Layering is the best!

Don't worry - Orvis & Mack's are most certainly not the only two places I find good deals (or gear in general). There are dozens of great stores, both local and world-wide. 

Have you spotted any great deals for the upcoming seasons? 

*This post was not endorsed by Orvis or Mack's Prairie Wings - This blog was not paid for this post, and everything above is entirely personal opinion.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Governor's Cup: Update

Well, it has officially begun - the last tournament in the 2014 South Carolina Governor's Cup Billfishing Series, the Edisto Marina Billfish Tournament. Our boys aboard the Rascal are fishing today, along with 9 other boats. They will have 2 out of 3 days to fish between today and Saturday, with the last awards banquet taking place Saturday night. What all has been caught so far, you ask? Check it out.
So, where does everyone stand overall?
As of Megadock, the Rascal is currently the #1 boat [!!] over all, followed closely by Syked out and Mister Pete. I won't pretend to fully understand the points system, but I do know that even if 2 boats have the same number of points, they are not necessarily tied. In the event of a "tie," it comes down to timing - a 'who caught what fish when' thing, for lack of a better explanation. Either way, I am pulling for the Rascal to keep their lead! Who's with me?

For more stats and standings, click here. To get updates or watch live, click here. Good luck to everyone participating in the tournament!