Thursday, February 26, 2015

myyy myyy myyy...

Myyy myyy myyy, my key lime pie! Ever heard that song? So silly. But! A delicious key lime pie is the recipe I have for you today. Sort of random, I know. What prompted me to make one? It was ssssommeeone's birthday yesterday...
... and key lime pie is his favorite! So, of course I swapped out the birthday "cake" in favor of a birthday pie. Key lime pie. I should probably say that one more time. Key. Lime. Pie. 
In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not use key limes. Gasp. I know. February in South Carolina (+ only wanting to go to one grocery store in the freezing rain) equals regular limes. Regular limes are just as lime-y, and if they're not, If they're not, consider me fooled. To make up for it, though, I did make the graham cracker crust instead of buying one. That counts, right? 
Without further delay (or photos of key lime pie), I give you... Key lime pie! [Right click to save recipe card.]
Happy Happy Birthday, to my favorite person in the world. xxoo

PS - Yes... We gave out camo hats at our wedding.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

weekend recap: too early?

Anyone else wondering where this chilly weather came from, and what happened to that glorious 70* weekend we had not too long ago? This girl, for sure. Needless to say, the cold weather didn't stop me from trying my hand as some more shed hunting over the weekend. Despite the 200 mp winds (ok, ok... I'm exaggerating, but only a little) and close to freezing temperatures, I gathered my gear and some warm layers and headed out. I was on a mission, as I have little to show for my shed hunting success this year so far. No pun intended.
Seriously. That's the only one I have found, and that little guy is definitely from last year. Maybe even 2 years ago. It's pretty worn, and I am not convinced a critter or two hasn't nibbles on the end. All in all, I walked/hunted for about 7 miles worth of woods, according to my fitness tracker. Check plus for weekend exercise, yes, but I came up empty handed. Every time I thought I spotted a shed out in a field, or saw something peeking out from beneath some pine straw, I'd find bones. A small doe skeleton, some unidentified backbones, and the tiniest rodent skull with his big front chompers still intact were my great finds.
I think the eagles around here have been snacking, if you ask me. I did come away with some good photos, thanks to the Mr., though. Oh, and some pretty clear evidence of where the turkeys have been...
This is apparently the face I make when I am concentrating/flustered, wondering if I have just walked 3 extra miles through the woods for no reason. Cute. So, what now? I checked all of my best spots, and found zero sheds. Have the deer moved to another property, or am I just a bit early this year? Just to make sure it's the latter of the two, we set up a trail cam in a spot that always has deer, and put out some deer attractant. I'm hoping that when I check the camera this weekend, I will find a.) deer (obviously), b.) bucks (again, duh), and c.) whether or not those bucks have even dropped their antlers yet. Maybe I'll even get a cool picture of a half rack? Who knows.
Or maybe I just jinxed myself, and I'll end up with 8gb worth of photos of turkeys and racoons eating. And still find zero sheds. 

I guess that's why they call it hunting, huh? Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

VIDEO DIARY: duck season 2014-2015
At long last! I finally finished the 2014-2015 duck season video. I have to say, it was a pretty good season. From the bull canvas back to fast and furious hunts, I love having this video to relive it all. And, having the photo above from earlier in the season posted by the Outdoor Channel was just the icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

If you are having trouble watching this video, click here to view it on YouTube.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

it's about that time...

For shed hunting! After last year's success, you better believe I'm ready to get back out there and start the search again. I've got my essentials ready to go, and have mapped out my most promising areas based on this past deer season. I am hoping to come away with at least a few good finds this year. Like this one:

What about you?
PS - If you're wanting to tag along with a pal who shed hunts regularly, try to avoid these 8 steps to being an awful shed hunting partner. I've got to admit, some are pretty funny, and some are SPOT. ON.