Down to the wire: 49 hours

Question – where the heck did deer season go? I’ve been planning to catch y’all up on all of my hunting adventures this fall, but time has absolutely flown by and I have No. Idea. Where. It. Went. And now its over… As of yesterday – New Year’s Day – our whitetail season is officially closed. [Oh hey Happy New Year, by the way!]

Since I did so much hunting from very beginning of the season, I figured it would be easiest (and shortest) to give you a quick rundown of all of the hunts leading up to my [first] success… What a doozy.  

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Changing Tactics for Post-Rut Deer Hunting with The WON

The early winter doldrums can be a frustrating time for whitetail hunters, as the bustling rut activity tapers off into the silence of vacant woods and unfired guns. It is often turns off like a light switch: Deer seem to be running everywhere at the height of the rut, and then it’s over as quickly as it began. The peak breeding period may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful hunt in the post-rut weeks of deer season. Deer are creatures of habit, after all, so a few simple adjustments to your hunting strategies can help you bag a mature buck when you least expect it.

As the days get shorter, a good scope (like my Leupold VX5-HD) will help maximize the length of your hunt.

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Texas Hunts with Remington Outdoor: Gators, Ducks, Hogs, & Fish

Back in September, I had the amazing opportunity to represent Women’s Outdoor News on an epic hunting trip, traveling to Texas with Remington Outdoor Company. The trip was the result of a contest last Christmas — The WON’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway  — the prize being a 2 to 3 day alligator hunt in Seadrift, Texas, with Castaway Lodge. Our giveaway winner was Melissa, a rising veterinarian from Washington State, and she would meet Remington rep Jessica and me in Texas to begin our adventure.

Upon arrival, we planned to start our search for alligators the following morning. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey’s copious amounts of flooding, our guides had no way of knowing just where those gators would be. We fully anticipated needing the full 3 days for each of us to tag out.

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WON: Blood Trail Tips and the Leupold LTO-Tracker

For a hunter, few things can be more frustrating than pursuing a downed animal across rugged terrain or in deep woods, thick with underbrush. The feeling of excitement after taking a shot at that trophy buck can quickly be replaced by one of hopeless failure once hours of searching have left you empty-handed. It’s a situation all hunters do their best to avoid. We’d love for every shot to be perfectly placed, dropping game in its tracks—but that’s just not how hunting works. Deer are incredibly strong creatures, and the adrenaline surging through their bodies often gives them the strength to run an astonishing distance, even with a mortal wound. We owe it to our game to give our best efforts for recovery. Following these simple steps can lead you straight to success.

The Bright Side of the Road for The WON is sponsored by Leupold.

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Sportsman’s Box: August

If you’ve been following along on social media you may have noticed that I’ve recently been promoting something called the Sportsman’s Box. I’ve been receiving one monthly since early summer, and recently was lucky enough to become a member of the Sportsman’s Box Field Operative Team! I am super excited to be working with such a great company and so many amazing other field ops in the outdoor industry.

So, what exactly is Sportsman’s Box?

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