weekend recap: turkey hunting with Patriot Hunts

Hi friends! If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen that I recently had the opportunity and privilege to turkey hunt with the amazing folks at Patriot Hunts this year, and write about our weekend over at Women’s Outdoor News. Ken Barnard, the founder of Patriot Hunts, decided that this year’s hunt would be an all-women’s weekend, with our 2 hunters being Lizzie, a Gold Star Survivor, and Rory, a Purple Heart Recipient. I would guide 1 group, with Rory as my hunter, and Chris Wilson with NWTF would guide the other, with Lizzie behind the barrel. Lizzie is a successful bowhunter, and was familiar with what turkey hunting entails. Rory, on the other hand, had never been turkey hunting before. She would be my hunter, and I was super excited to be a part of her first experience.

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